Wood fibre insulation materials – ideal through and through.

Foto: www.foto-vogt-bisingen.de

SWISS KRONO wood fibre insulation materials are standardised insulation materials for thermal and sound insulation. They are made from 85% natural wood fibre and are produced in a dry process by adding binding agents. Wood fibre insulation materials from SWISS KRONO achieve the best results in new building projects as well as in renovations. They provide unbeatable high-performance and environmentally friendly insulation. SWISS KRONO insulation products thus improve quality of life twice over. They increase comfort and have a cut down on energy usage. Installed in walls, ceilings, floors and roofs, they save heating energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

Wood fibre insulation materials from SWISS KRONO are open to diffusion. They nevertheless offer naturally and ecologically impressive protection against cold, heat and noise. In addition, they meet the strict fire safety requirements stipulated by the legislation.