History. A proud tradition.

Traditional roots.

The history of the SWISS KRONO GROUP began in Switzerland in the 1960s. In 1966, the Austrian entrepreneur Ernst Kaindl founded his company in Menznau. It has constantly grown since then and continually expanded its range of products. Regular investments enabled further locations across Europe and around the globe to be established.

Thanks to the relentless determination of the owners and employees, the SWISS KRONO GROUP has become one of the world’s leading companies in the wood products industry. Dynamic growth allowed the international group to enter new markets. Today, customers in more than 121 countries benefit from the company’s high-quality products.

The SWISS KRONO GROUP currently employs around 4,500 staff. Thanks to their commitment and professionalism, Swiss Krono’s products and services are famous throughout the world for their exceptional quality and lasting reliability.


SWISS KRONO Geschichte


Strong growth.

1966: Founding of Kronospan Schweiz AG, Menznau, Switzerland
1987: Commissioning of Kronofrance SAS, Sully-sur-Loire, France
1992: Beginning of Kronotex GmbH & Co. KG, Heiligengrabe, Germany
1994: Founding of Kronopol Sp. z o. o., Zary, Poland
1999: Opening of Kronotex USA Holdings, Inc., Barnwell, SC, USA
2000: Start of production for KronoUkraine LLC, Kamianka-Buska, Ukraine
2001: Start of Kronoply GmbH, Heiligengrabe, Germany
2002: Introduction of OOO Kronostar, Sharya, Russia
2003: Opening of a subsidiary of KronoUkraine LLC, Broshniv-Osada, Ukraine
2004: Commissioning of a subsidiary of KronoUkraine LLC, Kharkov, Ukraine
2007: Start of production at Depalor SAS, Phalsbourg Cedex, France
2014: Start of construction of the new OSB plant in Vásárosnamény Hungary
2016: 50 anniversary SWISS KRONO GROUP